What Are Coupons, Deals & Shop Now?

At NinjaSaving.com, we categorized the savings into 3 categories: COUPONS, DEALS & SHOP NOW, what is the difference?

  • COUPONS: For all the savings under Coupons category, you will need to use the coupon code at your favorite store during checkout to enjoy the discount as per stated.
  • DEALS: Deals are the savings that do not need to use any coupon code, you will direct enjoy the discount/offer at the online store when you click “VISIT DEAL”.
  • SHOP NOW: The services/products that under Shop Now is the result of the joint program in between Ninja Saving Malaysia and the online store, you can direct purchase the products/services thru NinjaSaving.com without needed to visit to external website/online store.

If you still have inquiry, please contact us by fill up the CONTACT FORM or drop a message to us at hello@ninjasaving.com.

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