What Are Coupon Codes?

How does NinjaSaving.com work?

At NinjaSaving.com, we know you love saving and love discount, but sometimes the discount code are not easy to find out from the online store, or you are only find it out after you place your order and make the payment. To avoid you regret after shopping, we gather all the coupon codes & deals from local & international online store, you just need to search the coupon codes from NinjaSaving.com before you start your online shopping!


What are Coupon Codes?

When we are checkout at online store after we place order, usually it will have a column which is for shoppers to key in the Coupon Code.

The discounts usually come in the form of percentage or ringgit off savings, but sometimes it can just apply for free shipping or free gifts depending on the decision of the online store.


What are Exclusive Coupons?

Exclusive coupons is the joint program in between Ninja Saving Malaysia with the online stores to provide the special discount to saving lovers. Exclusive coupons are only allowed to post at NinjaSaving.com, if you wish to post on your website, please get the permission from us.


How does Coupon Codes work?

  1. Search for the coupon code of your prefer online store.
  2. Click “VIEW COUPON” from your search result.
  3. Click “SHOW CODE”.
  4. The coupon code will auto copy and you will redirect to the online store.
  5. Apply the coupon code to the box when you checkout!


Why some Coupon Codes not working?

  1. There is a minimum spend: You have to spend a minimum amount in order for the code to be valid.
  2. The coupon code has already expired. Most of the coupon codes are only valid for a limited amount of time, so be sure to identify the terms and conditions before you are using it.
  3. There is a restricted quantity of redemptions available. For example, if the coupon code is restricted to the first 50 users and you happen to be the 51st, the coupon code will no longer valid.
  4. There are exclusions applied to the coupon codes: Some coupon codes only can be used for specific products or with selected site promotions or non-sale items.

If you still have question, please contact us by fill up the Contact Form or drop your email to hello@ninjasaving.com.

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